The last thing you want to be dealing with this winter is a roof repair (especially around the holidays). The elements of winter can be hard on your roof and create a myriad of issues as a result.

If your roof does happen to need a repair in the winter, it can be done, however there’s a few things you should keep in mind.

Can A Roof Be Repaired In The Winter?

The short answer is, yes. It’s not uncommon for roofers to perform repairs in the winter. 

Anytime you notice your roof is leaking or sagging, it needs immediate attention no matter what the weather. Even the smallest leaks can lead to much greater damage if they go undetected or neglected. 

One of the most common culprits of leaking in the winter is a poorly insulated attic.

Without proper insulation, too much heat rises creating condensation which then drips on the attic floor resulting in water damage and even mold. 

The shape of your roof can also be the cause. If you have a low-slope roof, water is not able to run off it as easily. This can cause water to accumulate on your roof, compromising your shingles.

Another cause of water build up is clogged gutters. Did you clean your gutters out during the fall? If not, there’s a good chance they’re blocked with leaves and other debris. 

How To Repair A Roof Leak In Winter Months 

One thing to note about winter roof repair is that due to the drop in temperature, it sometimes takes longer to complete than it would when it’s warm outside.

If new shingles are being installed, it takes longer for them to seal when in the cold; however, your roofer may be able to use caulking to speed up the process.

Similarly, if it’s the seams of your roof that are letting water in, a professional should be able to fill them in with a cold weather sealant that is designed to bond even in freezing temps. 

If it’s a lack of insulation in your attic that’s causing too much moisture, your roofer can help fill it in with new insulation. They can also clean your gutters out and ensure that water is being properly carried away from your home

Patching A Roof In Winter Months 

When dealing with only minor holes in your roof, rubber patches can be a good solution. These are a temporary, yet effective fix that will prevent water from getting inside that part of your roof. 

Even for a small fix such as a patch, it’s recommended to call in a professional. Climbing on a roof is always dangerous, but even more so in the winter when you’re dealing with frost and messy weather that can limit roof accessibility. 

Instead of attempting to fix it yourself, give us a call. We not only specialize in roof repair, but also in water damage cleanup and restoration. 

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