For many homeowners, a leaking basement is only something to worry about during the rainy season; however, this common misconception often leads to costly repairs.

What Causes Basement Leaks During The Winter? 

When your basement leaks in the winter, you’re eventually going to notice either wet walls or a wet floor. Here are some common causes for each scenario:

1. Wet Basement Walls

If you find a wet wall in your basement it’s often caused by a crack in the foundation.

Water coming in through basement cracks typically happens towards the end of the winter season when the ground begins to thaw and moisture accumulates between the outside walls and soil. The pressure from the soil will push the moisture through the cracks in the wall.

A leaking window well can also be the cause of wet walls. Water typically finds the lowest point of entry which can include the area around the window itself.

To remedy the situation, the most common solution is the installation of a proper drainage system to help direct water away from the home. 

2. Wet Basement Floors

If you find water leaking on your basement floor it’s often the result of moisture coming up from a crack. Foundation cracks are not something to overlook. If left as is, they often lead to much bigger problems.

Cracks tend to spread and eventually, they will cause erosion and compromise the integrity of your foundation and in turn, the structural base of your home.

A malfunctioning sump pump or lack of one altogether can also cause a leak in your basement.

The job of a sump pump is to pull excess water away from your home. During the winter, the pump’s drainage lines can freeze making it unable to pump. This causes a back up into the basement.

Monitor your basement regularly to avoid the side effects of water damage and prevent mold and other issues from amounting.

What If My Basement ONLY Leaks In The Winter? 

If you only have issues with your basement leaking during the winter, it could be caused from the heat your basement is radiating. 

Basements are often the warmest room in the house during the winter. The heat radiates to the outside of your home and expands several inches into the ground surrounding your foundation.

The heat melts the snow and ice causing a large amount of moisture to accumulate pushing upwards and escaping through any cracks.

If you want to prevent a wet basement this winter consider winterizing it.

If you’re interested in winterizing your basement or having a professional come out and diagnose the issue, contact us. We also specialize in water damage cleanup and restoration services as well.

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