Fall is upon us, which means cold weather will soon follow. It’s important to prepare your home for the changing season to help prevent any damage.

Here are some recommended steps:

Clean Your Gutters – It’s easy to forget about what you can’t see but cleaning your gutters should never be overlooked.

During the Autumn months trees start losing their leaves and a good portion of those will end up collecting into your home’s gutters. It’s never a good thing when the gutters get backed up.

Backed up gutters will create an overflow when it rains and all of that water falls to the foundation of your home. As a result, water can seep into your basement or create cracks in your foundation which lead to costly repairs.

For any tasks involving your gutters, it’s always best to hire a professional. They will be able to inspect your gutters, foresee any issues and will have the training and equipment to get the job done right. 

Check Your Downspouts

Downspouts are equally as important as your gutters. They are pipe-like pieces that connect to your gutters and direct water away from your home. 

The last thing you want is to have water seeping into the area around your home’s foundation. This can be very problematic when it begins to freeze and thaw during the winter.

Depending on the layout of your house and grading of your property you might need to purchase an extender (available at your local hardware store).

Check and Drain Your Sprinklers and Hoses

If you want to avoid any pipes bursting in your home, it’s important to address any sprinkler systems you might have, outdoor faucets and hoses.

Once you’re done prepping your lawn for the change of season, turn off your outdoor faucets and valves from both the outside and in.

Remove any hoses and let them dry out before putting them into storage.

You’ll want to perform a similar procedure with your sprinkler system allowing the pipes to drain to avoid deterioration or rupture of your pipes.

Roof Inspection

You can perform a visual inspection of your roof on your own but it is highly recommended to hire a professional roof inspector to address anything that is too high up to see.

A professional will have the right training and equipment and will know what to look for giving you the upper hand and sound advice if your roof needs replacement or just a patch along with any issues with your gutters.

Note: If you do see any issues with your roof, it’s not advisable to do it yourself. Always contact a professional. Your roof plays a vital role in the rest of your home’s condition. At Integrity, we provide professional, affordable roof inspection, repair and replacement for more than 15 years. Questions? Reach out to us at 757-630-6641 and we’ll be happy to help!

Check Doors and Windows

Your windows and doors are an important part of your home’s features and should be addressed immediately if you see any issues.

If you leave certain issues for too long, the rest of your home’s integrity becomes compromised along with a rise in heating and cooling costs to your home. 

It’s always best to check the molding around the windows for any signs of leaks. Look at the seal on your doors and make sure there are no cracks or gaps that are letting air through.

Some leaks can be fixed using caulking or it may require attention and repair from a professional.

The simple maintenance suggestions we’ve provided today can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs tomorrow.

At Integrity, we provide professional and affordable services for your roof, windows, vinyl siding, gutters, and more. We are 5 Star Rated and have been serving the Hampton Roads and surrounding regions for over 15 years. We’re always happy to help with any questions or concerns you might have. Call 757-630-6641 for more information.