When it comes to owning and maintaining your home, it’s wise to have some savings set aside for when repairs or home improvements need to occur. Not everything lasts forever and your windows are no exception.

Over time, your windows will need to be repaired and eventually replaced. When that time comes, it’s important to be prepared financially. Like a new roof, new windows can cost you thousands of dollars.

It’s easy to put off major home improvements until the 11th hour but this could cost you more money in the long run. A good example would be if the quality of your windows has degraded so much, they are now allowing outside elements inside, subjecting your home to moisture and heat issues (the perfect breeding ground for mold).

Here are our Top 5 Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

1. You’re having a hard time opening, closing, and locking your windows

If your windows were not installed correctly or if you’ve had some structural issues occur in your home, windows can become hard to open, close and even lock. As well, if windows are rotting or starting to rust, it can also make their mobility limited. Windows that are working against you not for you are not safe and should be assessed for repair or replacement. Depending on the age of your windows and the state of the windows in your entire house, replacement might make more sense. If it’s only one window or a couple of windows, repairing will be a more affordable option.

2. You’re seeing condensation between the glass

If you’re seeing frosting or a steaming effect on your windows either on the inside or between the layers, it means your seals have failed. This allows moisture to become trapped. Failed seals mean that your window is no longer energy efficient.

3. Your window frames are rotting

For older style windows, frames were often made from wood. Over time, wood can chip away and rot. If your window frames are chipped and crumbling away, they need to be replaced. In severe situations of rot, you could start seeing sagging as well. Any signs of rot should be addressed immediately!

4. You’re feeling a draft

If your window is near a vent, you might not pick up on a window draft right away. A strong indicator that you have a draft is if your window is closed, furnace and/or ac is turned off and you still feel a draft. Faulty seals or poor window installation and insulation could be the root of the issue.

5. You can hear outside noise

A window with broken seals or “old school” glass is not soundproof and can result in a lot of noise coming through. The windows you can find in today’s market offer double and even triple pane glass for added insulation and protection from the elements (including sound).

If you experience any of the above with your windows, it’s time to consider replacement. Often the energy savings alone pays for the windows themselves.

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