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Get Started On Your Home Improvement Project

Now’s the Time to Get Started on Your Home Improvement Project

Warming weather and longer daylight make this time of year perfect for home improvements. If you need more space for your family, updates to improve your kitchen or bathrooms, a new roof, or new windows and doors to improve your cooling and heating energy efficiency, now’s the time to get started. Maybe it’s a new deck and outdoor living space you want to add. We can start on your project today so you can enjoy it all season.

Save Money and Increase Your Home Value with Renovation and Updates

Remember, not only are renovations, updates and home improvements something you enjoy, they improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you money. Home improvements like updating your kitchen and baths, new windows, new doors, a new roof, addition of rooms, even a new deck and outdoor living area, all these renovations will increase the value of your home. An investment in upgrades to your home will make your life more enjoyable today, and you will be pleased with the additional value whenever you sell your home.

Quality Home Improvements, Additions, Kitchen and Bath Renovations are More Affordable Than You Think

You may be getting ideas for your home improvements watching HGTV’s This Old House. While the affordable costs can be impressive, HGTV’s cost estimates don’t include the cost of labor. We cover your home improvement project from start to finish after learning exactly what you want to accomplish, and getting your approval on our quoted cost estimate. Take a look through our prior client testimonials, and you will see they feel our costs are affordable and very fair, and our work is high quality.

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By Aaron Knight, President, Integrity Building & Restoration