Gutters are a vitally important piece to every home, yet their importance is often overlooked. As insignificant as they may seem, the reality is that they’re instrumental in protecting the health of your home’s roof and foundation. Gutters need to be maintained throughout each year, which is why many homeowners choose to hire a professional gutter cleaning company. 

Why Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Gutters serve as one of your home’s primary defenses against water damage. When you don’t clean out your gutters they get clogged with leaves and other debris, which prevents them from carrying water away from your house when it rains. Most homeowners won’t notice this is a problem until water is already spilling out over the gutters and onto their foundation.

What’s even worse than that, is when water begins to seep into your basement which can quickly result in mold. Not only is the foundation of your home taking a costly hit, but you can bet your roof is too. Clogged gutters cause water to sit on your roof which will cause your shingles to rot and deteriorate. 

How To Clean Your Gutters

There’s several pieces of equipment needed such as a ladder, a hand trowel, a hose and spray nozzle, gloves, masks, and goggles. The debris needs to be carefully removed and placed in a bucket or pushed onto the ground and then gathered up from there. 

Gutter Cleaning and Inspection

Many homeowners opt to hire a professional gutter cleaning company to perform this task. There’s many benefits to hiring a professional, one of which being that you’ll not only receive a cleaning but also an inspection. 

Professionals know what to look for when they’re cleaning out gutters and can determine if there’s any existing damage to your gutter system or roof. Finding the damage early can save you from costly future repairs.

Can You Clean Your Own Gutters?


Professional Gutter Cleaning

You can clean your gutters yourself, however there are a few things to consider before doing so. Do you have the right equipment? If you have a two story home, do you have a two story ladder? Not only that, but are you comfortable working on a ladder?

There’s always risk involved when working on a ladder or a roof, so it’s important to consider that risk and have a spotter working with you. 

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Your Gutters?

The price of hiring a professional to clean your gutters will vary depending on if you have a single story or two story home, as well as how many feet your gutters measure in length. The average cost typically ranges between $100 to $300. 

Gutter Cleaning and Roof Inspection

At Integrity Building and Restoration, we not only take care of the hassle of gutter cleaning for our customers, but we also provide a roof inspection while performing this service. We offer affordable seasonal maintenance packages that are excellent preventative care for your home. Call us today at 757-630-6641 for more information.