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Why Call Integrity Building and Restoration First When Faced With Water Damage

Why Call Integrity Building and Restoration First

When faced with water damage it is important to act quickly, once water damage occurs there is a small window of time to stop the flow of water and begin drying the wet materials using specialized equipment such as high capacity water extraction vacuums, air movers and dehumidifiers. By acting quickly, this can greatly reduce the amount of damage, time repairing the damage and potential for toxic mold growth. It is important to add a water restoration company to your emergency contact list so that if water damage occurs an emergency response team can be quickly dispatched to begin the drying process. Integrity Building and Restoration Services has fully equipped, emergency response vehicles as well as trained and background checked technicians to handle any type of water damage loss from small leaks to major catastrophic events.

What Should I Do Next After Calling Integrity Building and Restoration

After an emergency response team has been dispatched to your home or business, contact your insurance agent. If it is after hours, contact your twenty-four-hour claims department to let them know you need to report a claim. You will need to let them know you have an emergency response team on the way to begin drying out the wet materials.

What to Expect When Integrity Building and Restoration Arrives

Our emergency response team will immediately assess the impacted areas for possible safety hazards such as electrical appliances or sagging ceilings that could collapse. We will take the necessary safety precautions to secure the area and begin the water extraction and drying process. We will classify the water source to determine if the impacted materials can be saved or if they must be removed and disposed of.

What If Insurance Does Not Cover the Damage

If insurance does not cover the damage, the first step of drying and removing the water must be completed even if insurance does not cover it. This will show the insurance company you are being responsible as a property owner and not being neglectful, which in most cases, insurance companies will deny any claim when the property owner has been neglectful. Also by acting in this manner you will prevent much further damage such as toxic black mold and wood decay.

What If I Do Not Have the Money To Cover The Drying Process

Integrity Building and Restoration Services offers affordable financing options, we also accept all major credit cards.

Recommended Steps If Water Damage Occurs

  • Go to a safe area of the home or business.
  • Call Integrity Building and Restoration Services to dispatch an emergency response team.
  • Contact your insurance agent or twenty-four-hour claim service to generate a claim number. Be sure to keep this number, you will need it for all matters relating to the claim.
  • If the area is safe from hazards, remove any loose items from the floor.
  • Wait for help to arrive.


By Aaron Knight, President, Integrity Building and Restoration Services