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5 Important Steps If Water Damage Occurs

Water damage can occur at any time. Most unfortunate discoveries happen after being away for a while. You come back to find that a pipe has burst, and now there is water everywhere. Furthermore, it has been pumping water into your space for hours.

What do you do?

#1 Stay Calm. The water damage may not be too severe.

Your first instinct may be to run in the building to find out where the water is coming from, but that could pose a serious safety risk. Beware! Others have sustained serious injuries due to electrical outlets or appliances that were plugged in.

#2 Shut off the water supply to prevent additional water damage.

First of all, find the main water shut off valve to your house or building and shut off the water supply. Typically, you can find this shut off valve near the street. Contact the water department for your city to help you locate and shut off the water.

#3 Contact your homeowners or renters insurance company

While you are waiting for the water to recede call your insurance agent. It is important to start a claim as soon as possible. Notify them of the damage and they will generate a claim number for you.

Tip: Store all of your insurance agents’ phone number in your phone for easy access. If you are unable enter the building you’ll be happy that you have the number somewhere close by. 

#4 Find a water damage professional to help.

Wise homeowners will contact a water restoration company, like Integrity Building and Restoration Services, as soon as possible. These professionals can extract the water and begin the drying process right away and possibly reduce the amount of water damage.

#5 Take lots of pictures of water damage!

Finally, take lots of pictures because this could help the insurance company assess the damage. Most homeowners take pictures of the damage and personal belongings that were affected by the water damage.