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When To Call A Water Damage Restoration Professional

water damage in progressMost property owners will experience some form of water damage in their lifetime. Water damage can occur from burst water pipes, leaking drain lines, roof leaks, window leaks and flooding just to name a few. It may be your first instinct to quickly dry the water with towels and move on. If it is a small one-time leak from leaving a window open or the kitchen sink overflowing, calling in a water damage restoration professional will probably not be required. The time to reach out to a professional is when water damage has occurred with significant amounts of water, contaminated water or consistent leaks which has saturated the impacted area. These types of water damage should only be repaired by trained and certified water damage restoration technicians. If not handled properly, sickness or death from contacting or ingesting contaminated water can occur, mold growth, wood decay even electrical shock if electrical items are connected in impacted water damaged areas. Companies that specialize in water damage restoration and mold remediation will have technicians that have been trained to handle all forms of emergency water damage situations and prevent further damage to your home or business.

Drying and removal is the most important part of the water restoration process. Trained professionals will know exactly what materials to remove and what drying systems to put in a place to quickly remove the water, dry the wet materials, remove saturated materials and treat the impacted areas to prevent mold growth. It has been our experience over the years when untrained professionals are called in to handle water damage, it often leads to exorbitant costly repairs down the road. It can also lead to health issues from the undetected or untreated mold.

When faced with water damage it is important to thoroughly screen the company that will be performing the mitigation, remediation and restoration work. Qualified companies will gladly provide documentation of their credentials, licensing and experience. If a company has trouble providing this information, it would be best to move on to another company. Your health, safety, and business are not worth the risk.

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By Aaron Knight, President, Integrity Building and Restoration Services