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Water Damage Emergency Do’s and Don’ts

What to do after a water damage emergency

  • Analyze the area that has been impacted by water damage for safety
  • Turn off electrical breakers to rooms impacted by water damage
  • Contact your insurance company to notify them of the water damage emergency
  • Remove as much water as possible by mopping or soaking with towels
  • Place wood blocks under furniture to prop up out of the water
  • Remove any loose items or colored rugs on the floor
  • Move any valuable items out of the room that you can move
  • Turn on air conditioning unit in the summer for maximum drying.
  • Contact a local water restoration company like Integrity Building and Restoration Services to begin the drying and restoration process


What not to do after a water damage emergency

  • Do not enter the water damaged area if there are sagging ceilings, electrical hazards or other safety concerns
  • Do not use a household vacuum to extract the water
  • Do not leave colored rugs, books or other household items on wet carpet.
  • Do not open the windows, the outside humidity may delay or prolong the drying process
  • Do not attempt to dry out the area yourself without consulting a water damage professional, this could pose a long-term health and safety risk if the impacted area(s) are not dried completely using specialized equipment and treatments
  • Do not delay contacting your insurance company, most insurance companies require policy holders to notify them within twenty-four hours of a water damage emergency.
  • Do not hire a company that is not trained and certified to handle water damage emergencies


By Aaron Knight, President, Integrity Building & Restoration Services