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What are the primary causes of water damage in Chesapeake VA and what I should do if I experience water damage.

Primary causes of water damage 

Water damage can occur at any time without warning. A pipe may burst due to freezing temperatures or faulty installation. A  toilet or sink may overflow. An appliance, such as a dishwasher or washing machine can back up or overflow. Roof leaks. Window and door leaks from improper installation or age. Water heaters can burst. These are a few examples of the most common causes of water damage in the Chesapeake area. The good news is,  homeowners, renters, and property insurance usually pay for the cost of repairs.

What I should do if I experience water damage

If water damage occurs in your home or business it is important to contact a local water restoration firm in the Chesapeake Virginia area right away. By acting quickly, the water damage can be minimized and significantly reduce the damage.

What should I expect when the restoration crew arrives 

When the restoration crew arrives, they will begin assessing the water damage and looking for any hazards that may be present.  Once the water damage has been identified and the source. The restoration crew will begin documenting and removing the impacted materials. The crew will install equipment, such as dehumidifiers and air movers to begin the drying process. Depending on the moisture content of the impacted materials and several other factors. The drying process usually will take three to four days to dry the impacted materials to acceptable moisture levels also known as the dry standard. When the dry standard has been met, the drying equipment will be removed and the reconstruction process is now ready to begin.