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Why Containment Is Important During the Water Damage Restoration and mitigation process

By Aaron Knight

A recent customer of ours was extremely delighted to find out that Integrity Building and Restoration uses containment during water damage restoration. She could safely live in her home while we mitigated her home. She thought for sure she was going to have to move out while our professional water mitigation team started our mitigation process. We were able to keep her safe and comfortable through the whole process with proper containment of our work areas.

We wanted to share with you why our company uses it. Containment is an important step when doing anything that may release particles into the air. For example, when drywall is cut or removed it releases particles into the air that could cause health issues for you and your family. Anyone that may come into your home could be at risk when drywall particles are in the air. It could make its way into their lungs and become a health issue.

By using containment, the risk of these particles traveling into other areas of your home is minimalized. It stays contained in one area so it can be pulled out of the air by using an air scrubber. Thus safely removing it from the home and keeping your family safe.

Using containment isn’t the only step you have to take though. You should also use respirators to stop it from entering your lungs while its in removal. Another great step that should be taken is wearing safety goggles to keep any particles from entering your eyes and causing irritation and possible damage. Containment should not just be a precaution it should be necessary to keep your family and loved ones safe. That’s why at Integrity Building & Restoration we always use containment.