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Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage

When water damage occurs, most of the time insurance will cover the cost of drying out, cleaning up the water-damaged materials and completing the repairs. Normally insurance will not cover the item that caused the water damage. Let’s say you come home and find your laundry room flooded with water, the water heater has burst, and water is everywhere. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover the drying, clean up and repairs to the impacted areas, however, it will not cover the cost of the water heater. It is very important that when water damage is discovered to your property to contact a water restoration company as quickly as possible to mitigate the damage. If the issue is not taken care of right away, the insurance company may deny your claim. It may seem overwhelming if water damage occurs but if a professional water damage restoration company is called right away to clean up and dry out the areas, this will not only help make the process much easier, it will also minimize the damage and reduce the repair time.