It’s that time of year again when the beautiful autumn leaves begin to fall from the trees. They have to go somewhere and a good portion of them end up in your gutters! 

While this may sound like a minimal concern, clogged gutters can lead to problems. Part of the problem can stem from cleaning your gutters too early or too late. 

What Is The Best Time To Clean Gutters? 

Fall is the most important time of the year to clean out your gutters because of all of the debris that accumulates from the leaves.

Once those leaves get wet, they begin to create a clog that prevents the water from properly draining. This alone can cause a number of issues.

One of the major issues that can arise from a gutter clog is the overflowing of water. The water then seeps into the foundation of your home and can cause deterioration. The water can also spill out over your roof. If the water sits on your roof it can cause damage and decay. 

Another thing to be mindful of is frozen water in your gutters which can expand and contract and cause your gutters to sag and move away from the home. When this happens, gutter replacement is inevitable. 

When it comes to cleaning your gutters in the fall, do it after most of the leaves have fallen and before you have any ice or snow (between 40 – 50 degrees).

How Often Should Gutters Be Cleaned? 

You should clean your gutters at least once a year with the most important time being in the fall. If you clean your gutters too soon you risk having to clean them again come Spring.

You might think that by doing your due diligence and having them cleaned once a year you’ll be ok but it’s important to note that how often you should be cleaning them doesn’t just depend on the time of year but also how many trees you have surrounding your property.

Keep an eye out for any signs that indicate your gutters need to be cleaned. The best time to look for these signs is when it rains.

Check to see if water is overflowing onto the ground and make sure your downspouts are not clogged up. 

These small preventative measures will go a long way towards prolonging the lifespan of your gutters.

It will also protect your home’s foundation and roof from costly water damage. 

If you find that your gutters are in need of repairing or maintenance call a professional. You never want to deal with heights and ladder safety if you aren’t qualified. For the small fee it costs it’s worth it to call in a professional.

Professional gutter cleaning companies often offer roof services as well which is important especially if you suspect a clogged gutter system has caused your roof damage. 

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