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Add Beauty and Efficiency to Your Home with Replacement Windows

New windows can be a considerable investment, but one that has many benefits. At Integrity Building and Restoration Services we can help you make the right decision to fit your budget.

Your windows are an integral part of your home for visual appeal, security, and insulation. We install Simonton windows because of their overall quality, durability, and economy. We also work with Anderson and Perfection windows by Norandex, two of the premier brands known nationwide for their unique designs and superior workmanship.

Just some of the benefits of having Integrity Building and Restoration Services install your windows include:


  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Our specialty coatings harness the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away with ease.
  • All our grid patterns are installed between the glass for easy, maintenance-free cleaning
  • Never need painting and will not peel, blister, flake, bubble, rot or corrode


  • Modern window designs and options to update your homes style.
  • Multiple custom interior and exterior trim colors, including woodgrain and designs reminiscent of traditional wood windows to match the style of your home.
  • Custom shapes and sizes to fit any window opening in your home.

Energy Efficient

  • Insulated with special environmentally friendly gases to increase thermal (U-factor) ratings.
  • Energy rigid thermal reinforcement weatherstripping to create an air and watertight seal to prevent pesky drafts and water intrusion. Keep the elements outside.
  • Specialty microscopic glass coatings reduces ultraviolet (UV) light transmission to resist against temperature transfer, that act as a filter against weather elements for greater energy efficiency.
  • Double or triple pane glass gives you added protection against the weather elements.
  • ENERGY STAR® standards are met or exceeded with our double hung windows.


Today’s homeowner has a variety of window shapes and styles. Some of the varieties of windows we offer our homeowners include:

Double Hung Windows

Beautiful and energy efficient, our double-hung windows can provide the comfort and design you desire. Double hung windows offer the unique advantage and versatility of each sash opening separately. Open just the top sash and let the breeze in without disturbing the rest of the room. Let the Virginia sunshine in!

A major benefit of having an operating top sash is that you can open the top sash for room ventilation without disturbing the rest of the room. Along with the added safety feature of keeping children and pets away from an open window, which is common with traditional single-hung windows that only open from the bottom.

Slider Windows

This traditional window design has been a standard for decades. Both sashes slide horizontally, allowing fresh air into the room while offering an opening that you control. Here at Integrity we can also offer homeowners the option of a picture window with a slider on each side to expand the classic look.

If you are looking for an easy opening, low maintenance, no-nonsense window, a sliding window is your perfect solution.  The sleek, clean lines of sliding or glider windows offer a contemporary yet functional window design.  Engineered for effortless operation, the slider’s brass wheels glide gently along a horizontal monorail track to create a clear and wide opening for exceptional vertical views.

Casement and Picture Windows

Our casement windows are ideal for catching a spring breeze off the Chesapeake! Classic in design and operation, casement windows can add airflow to every room of your home. Have a great view from the back of your home? Enhance it with a picture window. Our picture windows can enlarge a room by bringing in light and opening up the space.

Casement windows are a traditional favorite for homeowners as they make an ideal fit for any room requiring architectural style.  Casement windows hinge on the side and use a crank to open and close the window, they are perfect for letting in the breeze, they’re energy efficient and look great on any style of home.

Bay and Bow Windows

Looking to add space and beauty? The extra space provided by choosing a bay or bow window can extend the room and add a showcase for accent items or plants. The exterior appearance of your home will dramatically change with the three-dimensional shape.

A bay window is a set of three windows that are curved outwards from the house and resemble a semi-circle. The central window is typically a large non-opening bay and bow window that lets in a good amount of light with a completely unobstructed view. The two side windows (called flanker windows) can be made up of either a casement or double hung window.

Bow windows have a slightly different design. They consist of around 3-6 panes of glass that have the option of being fixed like a bay and bow window, or open like a casement or double hung window. Bow windows are typically wider and all around larger than a bay window. With the larger size, bow windows create a large “nook area” inside the window.

Bay/Bow Windows can be built in a variety of angles that range from subtle to a large wide curve.  You decide how you would like the window to look, and we can design it to fit your style. Because these windows are so unique, they can both increase the value of your home and add to your homes overall curb appeal.  Bay and bow windows give your home that little extra something and go a long way towards enhancing the look of your home.

Garden Windows

Not only adding more dimension to your kitchen, a garden window supplies cross ventilation with both sides opening. Depending on the size of your space an optional glass shelf is available to add another layer of herbs or flowers. Let the sunshine in with year-round brightness through the glass roof!

A popular spot for garden windows is above the kitchen sink, in a bathroom by the tub or in a dining room. Garden windows have glass on all sides, these box-shaped windows act as a miniature greenhouse for your plants or flowers. Garden windows have it all. They bring in light, add additional shelf space, provide a spectacular view, and give your home that unique look you’ve been looking for!  All of our garden windows are fit with single, double, or triple pane Double Strength glass. This means your garden windows will stand up to even the largest pieces of hail or falling debris.  Kitchen garden windows are ideal for growing your herbs and spices.  Leave the lights off and let the light in with energy efficient garden windows from Integrity Building and Restoration Services.

No matter what type of window is the best for your room, our licensed and insured installation crew at Integrity Building and Restoration Services will get the job done right, on time, and on budget!

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